Sam Yang 909S

Sam Yang 909S .45 Air Rifle

Posted on March 2, 2013

These big, big airguns are great for hunters who want to hunt with air power and are confident enough in their abilities to manage a humane hunt with a single shot. Shooters recommend ammo approximately 200 grain in weight which yields above 150 foot pounds of energy at full power so large game becomes a viable target with the Sam Yang Big Bore 909S air rifle. As with many of the Korean models, expect to see a steady decline in shot speed as you shoot through your air supply. A 200 grain projectile may decrease about 35 fps per shot though the usable shot range which numbers 7 or 8 per fill. There are 2 settings for power on the 909S which are selected by cocking the bolt in either half way or all of the way back.
If you would like to double the shot count with only a very slight decrease in power the Sam Yang Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter air rifle has twice the air capacity and yields closer to 16 usable hunting shots.

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